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    HRS' PatientConnect suite empowers hospitals and health systems to deliver quality care to patients across their entire network resulting in improved patient satisfaction, reduced readmissions, and optimized clinical workflow.
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    Expanding Care Beyond the Hospital's 4 Walls

    220+ Health Systems | 225,000+ Patients Served | 90+ Conditions

    HRS health system and hospital clients across the country are utilizing the PatientConnect telehealth suite to deliver telehealth to a diverse range of patient populations across the entire health system enterprise.

    Telehealth Solutions For Every Patient

    PatientConnect Complete

    PatientConnect Complete

    Monitor your highest risk patients with HRS' all-encompassing remote patient monitoring solution.

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    PatientConnect Core Tablet

    PatientConnect Core

    Communicate with patients and manage medications with HRS' tablet only offering.

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    PatientConnect Mobile

    PatientConnect Mobile

    Expand access to care across all patients populations with HRS' Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) offering.

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    PatientConnect Voice

    PatientConnect Voice

    Deliver automated calling to increase patient engagement and adherence post hospital discharge.

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    Continuous Patient Engagement

    From Hospital to Home

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    • Patient receives care within your health system or hospital
    • Patient is discharged to home and automatically enrolled in HRS RPM and telehealth program
    • HRS' platform provides the patient with real-time care team connection, condition-specific education, biometric monitoring, and symptom surveys
    • Your clinical team monitors the telehealth patients in real-time and intervene as needed to avoid adverse events
    ROI of RPM CPT Code Breakdown

    Request a 15-minute ROI Overview to explore how telehealth & RPM will result in a continued ROI for your organization.